5 Steps of renting with Ray White Hurlstone Park

Thank you for your enquiry regarding our available rental properties. To assist you in the process of applying for a Property to lease through our Agency, we have outlined some of the process that will be involved to assist you:


  • Via internet or other advertised sources such as and

  • Drive-by the property for location suitability.

  • Inspect the property, details can be found on Open For Inspection box on the ads or contact us for personal appointment

  • The property manager will meet you at the inspection time and place.
  • If you are not able to keep the appointment, please contact us in advance to arrange other appointment time.


  • Once you are happy with the Inspection, please complete an Application Form – one per person (Application Form – CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

  • Include evidence of your income such as

    • Payslips

    • Bank Statement

  • Provide and attach photocopies of documents required to meet minimum of 100 points of identification as the guide shows below.


  • Driver’s Licence – 40 points

  • Previous Tenancy Reference – 20 points

  • Passport – 40 points

  • Previous two rent receipts- 20 points

  • Motor vehicle registration – 10 points

  • Birth Certificate – 30 points

  • Bank Statement – 10 points

  • Other Photo ID – 30 points

  • Telephone Account – 10 points

  • Current Wage Advice – 30 points

  • Electricity Account/Gas Account – 10 points

  • Please be aware that Bond Transfers are NOT an option.

  • Applications that are not complete cannot be processed.

  • If you require assistance to complete the form, please ask as we are here to help.

*Ray White Tips: Scans of the Driver’s Licence, Passport , Bank Statement and Ultilities Accounts are the most common documents to be included by our customers. They will help your to reach the 100 points of authority easier.    


As your application is a high priority; we will endeavour to have an answer to you within 48 working hours, but will advise you if it will be longer due to delays in reaching your contacts.

A holding fee equal to one week’s rent will only be accepted on prior approval from the landlord.  This fee will only reserve the property for the agreed period of 7 days.  You will forfeit this payment, should you decide not to proceed or if the holding period is exceeded.

A tenant ledger MUST be provided if you are currently renting with any other Real Estate agent and proof of income is mandatory in all cases.

Information verification by our agency

To verify your application information we contact your current or previous Real Estate agent. If you have had a problem with a previous tenancy, please discuss the circumstances with our property manager assigned for the property.

If your application is unsucessful

Various reasons during our information vertification process influence the decision of your application, however it is mostly due to the quality and the quickness of other applicant’s profile for the particular property.                        Unfortunately if this case happens to you, we are sorry and still welcome you if you are interested in renting any other property with us.

Rent payment method options

  • IPAY RENT SERVICE – the form will be given to you after the Lease Agreement is signed.
  • Direct debit to Ray White Hursltone Park Trust Account
  • Bank Cheque or personal cheque
  • Cash is accepted but is not as preferable as above rent payment methods.


Please provide the following upon the lease signing:

  • Two weeks rent in advance.  Rental amounts can be either fortnightly or monthly (if requested by the tenant)
  • An amount equal to 4 weeks rent as Bond. (To be transferred to our nominated bank account.)


You will personally arrange the following services as applicable OR simply agree with our partnered service available:

  • Power Connection

  • Gas Connection (if applicable)

  • Phone Connection

  • Contents Insurance – Arrange personally